The 2023 budget will impact the real estate sector in India, as it depends on several factors such as government policies, economic conditions, and market trends. However, the budget usually affects the real estate sector through various measures such as changes in tax laws, allocation of funds for infrastructure development, and affordable housing initiatives. These measures can either positively or negatively impact the real estate sector, depending on their specifics.

The Indian real estate sector has been facing challenges in recent years, such as a slowdown in sales, high levels of unsold inventory, and a lack of funding. The 2023 budget could potentially address some of these challenges by providing tax incentives for homebuyers, reducing the cost of borrowing, and increasing investment in affordable housing. On the other hand, the budget could also introduce new taxes or regulations that could negatively impact the real estate sector.

In conclusion, the impact of the 2023 budget on the real estate sector in India is difficult to predict, and will depend on the specific measures and policies that are announced in the budget.